Frequently asked questions

They are a series of custom plastic cosmetic aligners designed to fit perfectly in your mouth. Over the course of your treatment, they will gradually resolve issues such as crooked teeth or gaps to give you your perfect smile!

Each aligner is designed to fit and straighten your teeth at various stages of the treatment so once you have completed a stage you simply move onto the next aligner as shown by your Treatment Plan. Gradually your teeth will shift from their current position into one that gives you the smile of your dreams.

YourSmileDirect aligners are suitable for all ages over 18, but the patient must have all their molars fully developed along with their wisdom teeth.

Unfortunately patients with bridges are not eligible for treatment with us as the aligners won’t be as effective due to the bridges making the individual teeth harder to move. However, patients with crowns are completely eligible for treatment.

Yes it can. We have many patients which have had braces before and this treatment can correct any shifting in your teeth since the braces were removed.

Only if you choose to visit one of our Smile Clinics to get a 3D scan. One of our licensed and registered dentists take the scan and can talk to you about the treatment. You receive no less care with a Home Smile Kit, which is also faster than getting a scan.

Begin your smile journey on our website with a quick suitability assessment so we can establish whether or not the treatment is right for you. Keep in mind YourSmileDirect is designed for minor to moderate correction including spacing, crowding and rotation of teeth.

YourSmileDirect invisible aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable, BPA-free plastic that will not irritate your cheeks or gums like traditional metal braces so often do. Now that’s something to smile about!

Yes! Once you send us your impressions, we use them to create a specifically tailored treatment plan which is prescribed and monitored by a registered dentist. The treatment plan also includes a 3D model of how your teeth will look at each stage of your treatment.

Changes in teeth crowding and spacing affect your bite, so to make sure your bite isn’t affected, our dentists like to assess both arches and more often than not treat both arches at the same time to achieve the perfect results for your perfect smile.

The perfect smile takes about 20 weeks to fully complete, depending on the individual case. Each of the aligners in the kit is typically worn for approximately 3 weeks until it’s time to move on to the next set.

If you opt for the Smile Clinic you will receive your personalised treatment plan within approximately 10 working days. Using a Home Smile Kit can take slightly longer due to postage. Once you accept your treatment plan and have completed your payment, your aligners will be put into production and should be with you with in one month.

YES! Please keep all aligners after you have finish the different stages of treatment. You must keep them in case our dentists suggest you return to a prior stage during treatment or in case an aligner is lost or broken as you will have to wear the previous aligner until a new one can be sent out.


The scans taken at the clinics take approximately 20-30 minutes.

In order to make sure that your scans are as thorough as possible, we take scans from multiple angles, in order to ensure that we have a detailed model to create your customised treatment plan.

We have multiple locations including London, Manchester, Dublin, Milan, and Paris.

That’s no problem at all! We also offer an easy-to-use, Home Smile Kit that includes an online photo assessment and dental impressions.


It currently takes approximately 5 working days for your kit to arrive by post. (realistically arrives in 3 to 4 days.)

It takes approximately 4 weeks for aligners from the date of signing the treatment plan and making your payment.

Please send your impressions back using all the materials provided. Make sure not to remove your impressions from their trays.

For UK customers use the DPD returns label provided, for other customer simply post us your kit.

Don’t worry, this occasionally happens! If it does happen we will arrange an appointment at your nearest Smile Clinic or send you out an Impression Remake Kit.

patient care

22 hours a day. You should only be taking them out to eat, brush, or floss.

You will likely experience some discomfort during the first few days of wearing your aligners. This is normal as it is part of the treatment plan. This discomfort means that your aligners are working as they gently move your teeth towards their final position. This soreness should gradually ease after the first few days wearing each new set of aligners.

The typical treatment length for YourSmileDirect invisible aligners is around 5 months. The typical YourSmileDirect member will receive a series of 5 invisible aligners that need to be changed every 3 weeks or so. Some patients will receive slightly more or less aligners. This depends on the degree of teeth straightening required.

Our orthodontic staff are available to answer any questions or queries you may have during your treatment. They can be reached by email at [email protected] or by calling 0330 808 0447

There are no visits to the orthodontist’s office during YourSmileDirect’s aligner treatment plan. From your first assessment, through to the final step of straightening your new smile, YourSmileDirect straightens your teeth the freedom of your own home!

In order to protect your new smile we recommend investing in our custom YourSmileDirect retainers. Without these retainers your teeth will naturally try to shift back to their original position over time.

If you lose one of your aligners, don’t panic! You simply order a replacement for £99 per single aligner and £149 per pair of aligners. Your replacement aligner will arrive within 10-15 days of placing the order. During that time we recommend that you wear the previous aligner to ensure that your teeth do not shift back into their original position. To order your replacement aligner, simply call our customer support number at 0330 808 0447


There are two easy payment options for YourSmileDirect invisible aligners. The first is our Single Smile Payment and the second is our Multiple Smile Payments. For the most up-to-date information on costs check out our Pricing section on this website.

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, and Mastercard.

Yes,we have a finance option available that you can apply for when you’re purchasing your aligners.

Yes, the finance option allows for flexibility with your payments so you can pay off more than your monthly requirement if you choose!

Remote invisible aligner therapy doesn’t suit everyone. If your impressions are unable to be used by our lab then you will not be eligible for a refund but we will offer a Scan or Remake Kit. If we find you are not eligible for Treatment as a result of taking your impressions we will refund you the cost of your kit or scan.

If the results at the end of the treatment are different to those on your treatment plan then we will strive to ensure that you get the best results possible. We will send two additional aligners at no extra cost to you. If you wish to have future refinements to your treatment, there will be a cost of £99 per single aligner and £149 per pair of aligners needed.


There may be some discomfort when you start to wear your aligners at first and change to the next set. Our aligners are made to fit the exact mould of your mouth, so it may take a few days to get used to them, however you’ll hardly notice them at all once you get used to this new sensation.

You need to wear them day and night – for a minimum of 22 hours per day, as directed by your prescribed treatment plan. Remove them only when you need to eat or drink any liquids other than water. We also advise that you remove your aligners when you are smoking.

We have two options available, you can email [email protected] with your full name and email address and the changes you would like to make or you can simply call us on 0330 808 0447

Yes, you can. No matter the reason, if you are unhappy with your current brace system, we will be able to help. To get started you can simply order your home evaluation kit or go for a scan in one of of our clinics. You can visit our website to get started at www.yoursmiledirect.com and click on the ‘start now’ button.

Yes, you can reopen your case with us. However, if it has been 6 months since you took your impression or went to get your scans then we recommend that you take new impressions or get new scans in order to account for any movement in your teeth and gums during that time period.

If you would like to contact our customer care team in relation to this they will be able to assess if you are now suitable. You can call 0330 808 0447 or email them at [email protected] with whatever changes you have addressed in order to be eligible.

There are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink. However you must take out the aligners while eating and drinking. This also makes it simple to clean your teeth after each meal to maintain good oral hygiene, before re-inserting your aligners.

Smoking, along with vaping or e-cigarettes, is discouraged while wearing aligners because your aligners may become stained or discoloured.

Our aligners are designed to work despite of any medication you may be taking during your treatment, however chronic usage of anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, estrogens, or calcitonin may slow or limit tooth movement.

In cases such as these we would strongly recommend consulting with a doctor or dentist in order to make sure that you are suitable for treatment.