Product Marketing Manager


The Product Marketing Manager will work across different organisational departments, undertaking market research on new products, establishing timescales for developing products and influencing price and packaging. They will also guide sales and marketing teams, developing messaging and market positioning around products. They will lead company presentations, key launches and promotional events. They will be considered the ‘voice of the customer’ within the organisation, carefully researching customer needs, wants and the end-to end user experiences.


- Develop product messaging that differentiates new products and services from others in the market.
- Communicate the value of new products and services to the sales and marketing team and develop sales tools that facilitate the selling process.
- Plan and take part in the development and launch of new products and services and involve several different departments in such launches.
- Brief the press and influencer marketing teams about new products and take part in internal and external presentations.
- Through interviews, surveys, focus groups and sales data, gain insight into customer use of current products, untapped opportunities and buyer personas.
- Review inventory levels and ensure product availability.
- Establish timescales for development of new products with product management, engineering or manufacturing departments.
- Use market research data to determine product pricing.
- Create product content such as case studies, videos, website copy and blog posts.


- Demonstrated experience managing product marketing role
- Commercial to the core, ability to take idea from inception to product delivery
- Bachelor’s Degree or higher
- 3+ years of experience in a Product Marketing role
- Collaborative skills are essential. They will have to work with teams across the organisation. New product launches are inherently ‘cross functional’.
- Communication skills are key. They will frequently have to present new products, telling the ‘story’ of products, for various marketing channels.
- Research skills a must. Gaining insight into customer needs and experiences and deep dive analysis of data, surveys and customer interviews will be part of this mix.

About the Company

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