By cutting out the monthly orthodontist visits and going direct to the patient, we eliminate the majority of the costs without sacrificing quality. Our invisible braces are over 50% less expensive than competing aligner systems available through a traditional orthodontic practice.

Kit/Scan and

Impressions and Orthodontic Evaluation

After submitting your photos via email to for a free suitability assessment, the next step is to order your Home Impression Kit . By ordering a Home Impression kit there is no commitment to buying aligners. When you have made your impressions call our free collection service on the number provided . Our lab will create a customised treatment plan for you to review that will show you the predicted positioning of your teeth at the end of treatment.


The Cosmetic Brace System

When you have signed your treatment plan and made your first payment we manufacture and ship your customised aligners within 21 working days. Simply change the aligners as directed during your treatment period to achieve your predicted results.