The YourSmileDirect.com clear brace system is superior to other competing forms of teeth straightening in many ways.

Straight Teeth


YourSmileDirect.com clear braces straighten your teeth and brighten your smile. Each brace gradually shifts your teeth into the ideal position for a perfect smile.



YourSmileDirect.com braces are made of a clear, BPA-free plastic. They are thin and light, so people won’t even know that you have got them on.

50% - 75% Cost Saving


By cutting out the usual monthly maintenance visits to an orthodontist office and going direct to the patient you can cut 50%-75% of the costs and do so without sacrificing the quality of care. We even use the same labs as the Orthodontists!



From beginning to end, we always work to your schedule. From your initial online assessment and throughout the process of straightening your teeth, it can all be done from the comfort of your own from home.

Yoursmiledirect.com Other Brands
Cost of Treatment $1399 €6000
Dental Office Visits None Monthly
7 Days a Week Treatment Support Yes No
Time to take Impression 30 mins/Home 2 hours/Dentist
Receive Your Brace Set 2 weeks 3-4 Weeks